Customizing a Slide Deck

Customizing a slide deck can significantly enhance your presentations' visual appeal and effectiveness. Personalizing the design and layout can create a more professional and tailored experience for your audience. Here are some ways to achieve customization:

Using internal CSS style

Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), you can control the appearance of elements within your slide deck. CSS allows you to modify fonts, colors, sizes, margins, and other visual aspects.


    section {
        background-color: #c9ee;

Using Marp Directives

Lupo utilizes Marp, a powerful Markdown-based presentation tool that offers two types of directives: global and local.

Global Directives

Global directives in Marp are applied to the entire slide deck, affecting all slides uniformly. These directives are set at the beginning of your Markdown file and establish default settings for your presentations-

Local Directives

Local directives in Marp allow you to override global settings and apply customization per-slide basis. By placing local directives within individual slides, you can create unique visual effects, emphasize specific content, or change styles for selected slides.